viSense3 - 3D Face Scanner

Face scanning in 3D and color


The viSense3 captures geometry and color in a fraction of a second. It can be used both as a single device, but also linked with several other viSense3 scanners.

The synchronization between the scanning devices is done on the hardware side and is therefore very robust. The data is automatically combined in the high performance viSense module of the QTSculptor software. The viSense3 can control an external photoflash to minimize shadows in the color data.

Originally developed within the framework of the European project "3D Face", the face scanner viSense3 now also shows its strengths in medical engineering, art, film, design, reproduction and many other fields of use.


Synchronized multi-scanner setup (optional)

   Capturing the geometry using fringe projection

3D model of the face. Click and rotate with the mouse. Drag slider to display the texture.


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