The QTSculptor System

Complete system for the accurate 3D measuring of real world objects

The basic components are the multi-purpose 3D scanner and the high performance QTSculptor software.

The 3D scanners of the PT-M series are famous for their adjustability to varying object sizes. The functionality of these scanners can be expanded with macro equipment and a color camera.

viSense vario is our entry level scanner for 3D measuring tasks. The resolution of 4 MPixel for 3D and color, resulting in 50µm depth resolution, provide a very high level of detail.

The QTSculptor software stands out due to the ability to handle very large projects with large numbers of scans. All scans are robustly combined to a common coordinate system even without using object markers. The result is a watertight triangular mesh.

QTSculptor System Components

3D Scanner viSense vario
• Erfassung von Geometrie und Farbe mit 4 MPixel Auflösung
• Capturing of geometry and color with 4 MPixel Resolution
• Speed-Mode (reduced resolution) for very fast data acqusition
• Controlling of external photoflash devices
• Linking of multiple viSense vario scanning devices for simultaneous use 

3D Scanner PT-M
• Resolution: optional 4 MPixel / 5 MPixel
• Adjustable measuring area for small to large objects

Macro Extension for the PT-M 3D scanner series
• Adjustable measuring area for very high details
• Maximum Depth resolution for PT-M4 at 62x62 mm: 6 µm
• Maximum Depth resolution for PT-M5 at 47x39 mm: 4 µm

Color Camera Extenison for the PT-M 3D scanner series
• Resolution: optional 4 MPixel / 5 MPixel
• Controlling of external photoflash devices

Rotary Device PT-R200
• Automatic combination of multiple scans
• Program controlled sequences
• Maximum payload: 200 kg

Base Software Module
• Controlling and calibrating of the sensor head
• Registration of 3D scans and computation of watertight triangular meshes

Textur Softwaremodul
• Texturing of triangular meshes with digital photos
• Automatic texturing with the Color Camera Extension


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