Innovative 3D-Metrology and Object Detection

ISRA VISION acquires Polymetric

With the integration of Polymetric GmbH, ISRA takes over important 3D technologies for the further development of existing product families with integrated 3D machine vision.

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Complete system for 3D measuring

QTSculptor is a complete system for the accurate 3D measuring of real world objects. The basic components are the multi-purpose 3D scanner and the high performance QTSculptor software.

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OEM Development

Individual development for customers

ISRA VISION Polymetric develops customized solutions for 3D data acquisition and processing. We adapt our 3D scanner technology to your specific needs and develop the right software for your application.

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Welcome to the ISRA VISION Polymetric website

We would like to introduce you to the capabilities of 3D object digitization and share our many years of experience with you. On our website you will find information about our 3D scanners and development projects. We would like to give you an idea about how we can assist you to integrate 3D data in your application environment.



ISRA VISION Polymetric develops innovative products in the field of 3D scanners and 3D data processing. Our systems are used for challenging digitizing and measuring tasks, for example in cultural heritage, product development and in the medical field. With our current developments in the areas of biometrics and dentistry we open up new areas of application for 3D digitization and 3D visualization.
ISRA VISION Polymetric provides you with powerful 3D scanners, configured for your specific application. Level of detail, scaling of the measuring field, color acquisition, automation - we will gladly consult you on the possibilities.

OEM Development

ISRA VISION Polymetric develops individual solutions for special requirements. For the Zirkonzahn GmbH the 3D multi-axis scanner S600 ARTI and the Face Scanner "Face Hunter" have been designed with optimized user guidance for the dental application. For the Cultlab3D project we integrated our scanners in an autonomous robot system which will enable the automated measurement of cultural goods. The 3D face scanner we developed in the project GES-3D is able to scan the human face from ear to ear in under 0.2 seconds, of course in 3D and color.
We will be happy to also help you with our know-how and many years of experience.