19.12.2017 12:00 Age: 6 yrs

Release - QTSculptor v6.0

The current version of our QTSculptor software is all about photorealism. Thanks to new color calibration methods, your models now not only look good, but our measured data provide an additional level of evaluation and documentation.

But of course we have also thought about saving time. As of QTSculptor v6.0, the automatic merging of scan data is not only possible with reference markers or our rotary table, but also based on geometric feature detection without manual interaction.

Further innovations in the summary:

•  Color calibration of our 3D scanners
•  Color-calibrated import of RAW images
•  Optimized processing of internal and external color information
•  Automatic registration of 3D scans
•  Optimized import of foreign 3D data
•  Import of Zöller+Fröhlich laser scanner data
•  Format optimization for export to 3D printers