PT-M - 3D Scanner series

One 3D Scanner - multiple ranges


The PT-M scanner series consists of a stereo scanner head with two cameras and a projector which performs a moving stripe-projection.

The functionality of the scanner can be expanded with a color camera and high accurate calibration equipment for the macro range.

With its compact dimensions and the low weight the 3D scanners show their qualities in both, the stationary and mobile use.


Macro Extension for the PT-M 3D scanner series
 •  Adjustable measuring area for very high details
 •  Maximum Depth resolution for PT-M4 at 62x62 mm: 6 µm
 •  Maximum Depth resolution for PT-M5 at 47x39 mm: 4 µm

Macro Extension for the PT-M 3D scanner series
 •  Resolution: optional 4 MPixel / 5 MPixel
 •  Controlling of external photoflash devices


The PT-M 3D scanners are easily adjustable for different measuring areas. Objects with a size of few millimetres up to several meters can be scanned with the same equipment by combining scans from different visual angles.

The measuring range can be defined by varying the camera positions

QTSculptor System with 3D Scanner PT-M4c and Rotary Device PT-R200


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