viSense vario - 3D Scanner

Precision and speed in 3D and color


The viSense vario is an all-round scanning device with a fixed measuring area that can be used in three different modes: Precision, Speed und Snapshot mode.

•   Operational as single unit or multi-scanner-cluster
•   Control of external flash units for optimal photo quality
•   Automatic merging of simultaneously scanned data
•   Controlled over Gigabit Ethernet
•   Use with or without rotary device PT-R200


Precision Mode

High-precision measurement and documentation of high detailed, static objects.

•  4 Megapixel 3D + Color
•  Minimum acquisition time: 1 second


Speed Mode

3D capturing of faces and body parts, also for the fast digitization of objects for presentation purpose.

•  XGA (1024x768) in 3D + 4 MPx Color
•  Minimum acquisition time: 1/4 second


Snapshot Mode

Particularly suitable for snapshots of facial expressions or slow moving objects.

•  Acquisition time: 1/60 Sekunde


Processing of scandata in the QTSculptor Software


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