QTSculptor - Texturierung

Acquisition and computation of color information


The QTSculptor Texturing Extension completes the 3D acquisition of real world objects. Based on digital photographies as well as the data of our 3D color scanning devices, it processes photo-realistic 3D models.

By integrating an additional color camera, the scanners of the PT-M series can be extended to full 3D color scanning functionality. The result is a naturally colored, photo realistic 3D model by the push of a button. To provide for a homogeneous illumination of the object, QTSculptor supports the controlling of flash lights.

Digital photos from external cameras are registered to an existing geometry with few mouse clicks.The high resolution of current digital cameras allows for a very high level of detail of the textured model.


Measuring of “Nofretete”, Ägyptisches Museum, Berlin
© TrigonArt Bauer Praus GbR

   3D model „Jelling Stone“
   with texture information


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