Zirkonzahn - Dental CAD/CAM

Development of model- and face scanners for the dental market


S600 ARTI model scanner

ISRA VISION Polymetric GmbH developed a specialized optical scanning device for Zirkonzahn, a dental supplier from South Tyrol. The scanner has two axes for the automated digitization of any dental situation. The S600 does measure the single tooth with exactly the same high accuracy as the whole jaw. A special feature is the ability to scan the upper and lower jaw together in an articulator. This guarantees a perfect fit.

Face Hunter head scanner

The design and the handling oft the head scanner Face Hunter is perfectly integrated in the Zirkonzahn CAD/CAM system. It provides reliable information on the physiognomy of the patient which can be used in the manufacturing of dental restorations.


Registered dental models, scanned with the model scanner S600 ARTI

Correct positioning of the tooth models insinde the virtual articulator

   Patented registration of the scanned face 
   to the tooth models inside the articulator