Developing a new esthetic dimension for CAD/CAM


With the face scanner priti®mirror and its software priti®imaging (fig. on the left) pritidenta® GmbH succeeds in providing reliable data for the design, communication and safety. By using photorealistic 3D data, the 3D virtual patient's face is available 24 hours which gives dentists and dental technicians the opportunity to plan the ideal prosthetic together. This opens up completely new perspectives in counseling, decision-making and implementation.
ISRA VISION Polymetric developed the basic components for this digital workflow:


The priti®mirror allows for the photo-realistic 3D acquisition of physiognomy and facial expression of the patient.


Digital models of the face and the teeth can be connected with priti®imaging . The positioning of the teeth is done directly on the "virtual patient" in order to achieve an optimal esthetic result. 


Acquisition of the patients face with priti®mirror

   Photo-realistic visualization of the planned result

Planning of the dental restoration in priti®imaging




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